January 17, 2011

Fluffy Angels

I cannot type very much right now because I am very tired and my fingers are not cooperating, but I must type something to the dear people whom I have come to love and appreciate on Flufffriends of Facebook. I will explain more about what I mean of that later; here I must write what is most important-- that I am thinking of all of you, and of my friends even though I am sick and cannot write you directly, and that my heart is deeply touched by your sweet messages, fluffy gifts, and understanding emails. I will edit this post later to explain and to add details since I cannot type any more now. I send my love to all of you, and my most grateful thanks. Expect a post revision and answers to emails Monday, Wednesday at the latest, unless something happens beyond my control. *hugs*

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January 14, 2011

New Year, new blog

This is my first entry! w00t! I think I understand the basic concept. I am really looking forward to being able to talk about all kinds of things--ponder things I find interesting, ask questions that might get feedback from friends--but at least I'll have room to explore them--and maybe even revisit them later when I learn new things. Many, many thanks to my friend Shiricki for providing and setting up this blog for me, virtually telling me how to use it, and walking me through my anxieties. Shiricki, if you read this--You're an awesome friend--the absolute best. >:D< I also want to document my medical saga for anyone who's interested in that and so I can have something to refer to in order to remember what's happened--my memory isn't want it used to be. Additionally I am hoping I can write little stories about my "Fluff" friends--an ap on Facebook--as well as write detailed thanks to people I contact there and whatever else I want to write about that, since my "Fluffpage" is getting too long and there is still so much I want to say, not to mention having a sort of "fluff blog." Maybe that's one of the curses of learning to write--you can't stop! I'd really like to write in categories pertaining to all the things in my life--medical, friends, family, games--and just anything else that occurs to me. I hope it proves entertaining is a learning voyage for all of us. Here's to the future!
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