October 07, 2011

Eggs...and Spam?

Ok, this is ridiculous: I just had to delete about 160 spam comments from the last two days! I have banned all their IP addresses and closed commenting. My thing is, if you know me, you know my email address so you can reply to me that way or ask me to open comments for a little while on my newest post. I think if no one has commented on my older posts, they're not going to, so I've closed them.

I had to reschedule my iron IV today, because

I woke up feeling so bad and with my throat so sore I could hardly talk. I have dad to thank for this latest bout of illness; he brought it home with him and coughs all over everything, without bothering to cover his mouth.

I'm thinking I should probably skip my chemo injection later this evening so I wont' lower my immune system, but that may put me in a lot more pain and stiffness so I may just have to rest a lot this week.

The last I heard from DARs, I can do freelance and contract work, so I'm going to look into getting a website where I can list my resume and past work, and people can sign up for my services there. I'll see if I can give my DARs counselors a way to check my work there, which would make things easier, but I should probably update them constantly anyway.

My ID came in not that long ago, but I had to wait for Blake's parents to return from England so they could tell me what dates to put on my passport application. I need to get that done and sent in. Looks like I'll be in Australia this December, if all goes well.

I don't even know where to begin in regards to my officership in Second Life's Happy Hunters group: the person I'd been working with left for over half a year, so I was helping my co-officer and friend, Angelfire, post the notices and find the hunts when I could. But then Karina, the other lady, disappeared from the group, so Angelfire and I discussed looking for other groups that might want us and maybe even making our own unrelated group or maybe just our own blog. (Since only I had access to the SLhunts blog and I didn't have complete access at that.)

But then, just as we were thinking we'd have to start our own group and start from scratch, Karina posted on the blog suddenly that LL had banned her for something to do with her payment info. (She had not answered any of our emails during all that time). Then she got back in and finally answered at least my latest email with a very fantastic story: she said she'd been training for a marathon and that's why she hadn't checked her email. Yet when it came time to notify the group she was back, she wanted to pretend she'd never been gone and not let anyone else know about the marathon thing. I think it was an excuse/outright lie. She also said she'd give us both (and another woman that she just brought in right then that we'd never met) full access to the blog, and when I told her my fears about not being able to handle roles in the group, said she'd make Angelfire an owner. What she didn't realize is that Angelfire and I talk quite a bit and that I'm smart enough to know when someone has really be sent to owner. She also didn't count on my asking why I wasn't being made an owner too, since I'm senior to Angelfire and recruited her. Karina said "oh of course you can be owner too!" What a lot of crap...she lied about that too. I think that someone told her that Angel and I were thinking about leaving, so she came back really quick to keep us there because we pretty much do all the work that makes her look good.

Now we can access the blog, but they still list their own email addresses as contact info rather than the new group email that Karina set up for us to post from...so they still get all the info first and only dole some of it out to us. On top of all that, I think the new woman is a spy that Karina recruited to keep an eye on us. She is doing some work, but is either very dense or not paying attention when told how it needs to be done. She may have just figured out our division of labor, even though we already explained it to her! It was kinda irritating when she started stepping on our toes and wanting to contact organizers in world for info, even though she's not an officer, only a blogger. Angel and I usually forward info we get to the group email, where she can access it and post it if she wants. Anyway...that's my rant. I may still make my own blog...it's an idea I have up my sleeve anyway.

Posted by Rachel at October 7, 2011 04:22 PM