September 24, 2011

Ironed out, or, unVampired

Woo! my...some number of IV yesterday. :P Had my injection also, as usual, yesterday evening. I know my iron levels must be doing better, because I don't feel quite as cold and I'm not sleeping all the time. (at least in the last week) The irony is, now I'm having trouble getting to sleep! -_- If it's not one thing it's another, right? At least I'm getting stronger.

Feeling slightly queasy this morning, but ok----I ate a little and it's staying down. I was able to play a little STO with smoogie (though I would have bent over backwards to do so since it was his birthday, w00t!) I wish I could have properly celebrated with him.

I'd like to go into SL later if I can, but I don't know if I'll have the energy. We got the house we really liked, and I've been enjoying it. Plus, I've made two new friends who like to run the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Manias with me, so that's a lot of fun. Haven't heard from my G+ pal for a few days, but got an email from him today--seems his hard drive got juiced in a paradoxical warp of irony. Hopefully he'll get that sorted before long.

Only other news is my sis's fish died--the one I really liked. She can't find its body though, and thinks it's still in the tank but doesn't even seem to care. I wish I could stop caring as much as I do since she's being so callous about it, but it seems like she should care more than she does.

Posted by Rachel at September 24, 2011 05:19 PM