July 29, 2011

Friends, Blessings, and Piece of Mind

This is going to be a short entry to which I will add later, probably today. I just feel the urge and the need to say that I am really blessed to have friends (and supporters) who understand what I'm going through. I won't name any names here, because

I've been learning from G+'s "nym" debate that privacy and identity as expressed through names are very important and personal. Only if my friends (and I would very much like to count my supporters as friends--I hope we will become good friends--also note that I'm their supporter as well) are ok with it will I ever mention any name, and then only the name that they choose. Anyway, I am incredibly blessed to have them and that they understand what I'm going through. I'm also blessed to have my fiance, my "smoogie." My family may be messed up, but I feel blessed to have them as well. Ok, that's it for now, I'll continue from here later. :)

Posted by Rachel at July 29, 2011 06:06 PM